Forecastle 2016 Friday Recap with Videos


Forecastle Festival: Last night, nothing could stop the music. A one hour delay due to 60 mph winds caused a slight early into the festival, but when the all clear was given….

Phosphorescent has the ability to pull every emotion out of you, even the ones you didn’t know you had. His sometimes sad, but always poignant lyrics draw you into his set. It’s like coming out of a rainstorm into a brilliant sunset. Speaking of which, last night, the sky was on fire.

Grouplove is and always will be one of our favorite festival acts. their energy is both contagious and palpable. The hosted the first large crowd of the day, comparable to the Avett Brothers closing set. Our new friend Robyn’s eyes lit up when they performed “Naked Kids.” The big bomb came when they dropped “Sabotage” by The Beastie Boys. Check out our video below.


Moon Taxi always bring it. The hometown boys just keep getting better, and at this point, that is proving to be quite the accomplishment. A few songs into their set, two giant, and we mean giant beach balls were thrown into the crowd. the size of which would make Wayne Coyne (of The Flaming Lips) drool over. Check out our video of “Year Zero” below, which highlights just how big of a set of balls Moon Taxi possesses.



The Avett Brothers are always a  crowd favorite. Their new sound is definitely a push to gain radio presence. Much like Mumford and Sons, it’s good, just an evolution. Newly weds Steve and Reba joined party. And our friend Amy too. It’s interesting to go between dancing and holding your friends close while singing until your lungs hurt. Their set was pushed back because of the aforementioned wind storm (along with most of the acts above), so we stayed until just before midnight. 78 degrees and perfect. The Louisville Waterfront Park has never looked nicer.

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