Lady Gaga To Play Show in East Nashville Tomorrow

What the what?!? Yes, you heard us right. Lady Gaga, the soon to be Super Bowl performer and all around bad ass, is playing in Nashville for her first stop on her dive bar tour. Currently, her crew is loading in and setting up. This is a no brainer. Use your sick days. Heck, go get sick. Don’t miss this show!



How does one get a ticket to such an intimate performance from such a mega-celebrity? Each show’s audience “will be made up of contest winners,” according to the AP.

Following Wednesday’s show, Gaga will perform at two more as-of-yet-unnamed dive bars on Thursday, October 20 and Thursday, October 27. Joanne will be released on Friday, October 21.

Where is she playing? The 5 spot in East Nashville.

The show is going to be live streamed via Facebook tomorrow starting at 10pm, and you better believe we’ll be in our pajamas watching. We’ll post the link right here so you can watch with us tomorrow night.

PSA: The live stream is being hosted on Bud Light’s Facebook page (Bud Light is sponsoring the tour). If you are a youngin’ you cannot access Bud Light’s page and will receive your underage in the mail.

Link to Live Stream:


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