Rhythm on Rogers St.– An Original GSLM Podcast– Coming Soon!

We just threw our couch off the roof we’re so excited…

…but now we don’t have anywhere to sit…so that sucks.

GSLM is pleased to announce our first, original, podcast called Rhythm on Rogers St. The show will air every Monday at 10AM and consist of:

  • A quick recap of the most exciting music news that happened last week
  • A quick recap of the most exciting news that didn’t happen last week (you’ll just have to listen to this part to understand it)
  • Announcements– including give away winners, site maintenance, upcoming interviews, etc
  • And then that week’s theme!

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What do you mean that week’s theme?

The show will be hosted by myself (Ethan Murrell) and Logan Torano of GSLM, and each week we will go over the afformentioned news for you guys, and then dive into the theme. We don’t want to giveaway too much about our plans for the themes, but we’ll give you an example to help you wrap your head around the concept:

October 17th’s episode will be called “No, I Heard it First! October Edition” and it will be part of a series that we plan to revisit once every month! This particular series has 3 rounds where Logan and I will go head to head with our favorite underground artists! I will play a band that Logan has never heard and then he will do the same. You’ll get to hear our reaction to each song and band, but the winner for the month will be determined by you! The only rule is that if the other person has heard of that band–and can prove it–then the person who submitted that band is automatically disqualified from that round.


Each episode will be judged by “the masses” on Facebook and Twitter. The winner gets a good ole’ pat


Amazon Music launches streaming service similar to Spotify and Apple Music. That’s kinda cool.

on the back and the pride of being better than the other guy.

You can reach me on the site @emurrell17 to send me your favorite up and comers so that I always beat Logan…or you can reach Logan @hulklogan if you want to help him. If you help him you’re dead to me though, so choose wisely. Just kidding..or am I?

Tune in this week while you’re driving to work, picking up the kids, pretending to study, or whatever else it is that you do and receive 100 GSLM points for voting on Twitter or Facebook! All you have to do is post on our page with the hashtag #teamethan or #teamlogan

See you on Monday.




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