Review: Tegan and Sara Cannery Ballroom

Last night Tegan and Sara played to a packed house inside Cannery Ballroom in Nashville, Tennessee. The mood could be easily described as blissful. Nothing but smiles on faces and shakes in booties. As we walked into the venue, the girl checking id’s lost it. “This is my favorite song (followed by inaudible squeals).” She began jumping up and down while holding my license and frantically looking for a path to the front to see her girls perform. This is a pretty good depiction of the entire night.

Tegan and Sara have been on the road since 1999 and have picked up quite the following. Every time they are in Nashville, we get the same story, with a slightly different twist. The first time they were coming to our fair city, their grandfather was ecstatic.

Tegan: He specifically loved Johnny Cash and really loved Willie Nelson. In high school, my mom made us go over to our grandparent’s house and pull out the guitars. It was super embarrassing. At that point we were still doing still doing a little bit of drugs and writing these seven minute rambling songs with seventeen sections. My grandparents witnessed this, and my grandma being my grandma, said, ‘oh this is so good,’ and then went in the kitchen and downed a glass. My grandpa said, ‘yeah, you’re okay. You’re no Willie Nelson…’ We went into (Hatch Show Print) and brought him home a Willie Nelson flyer and a Johnny Cash flyer. He hung them in his office. They were his pride and joy. I hope he understood that they were reproductions.

Sara: I’m sure he did. Let’s ask him. Does anyone have a Ouija board?

Tegan: (Laughing) That’s so fucked up.

They played a three song encore and we got all of it on video just for you.




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