Prince Estate Signs Deal With Universal

Hey, remember that time we said Prince’s entire catalog was on sale for a measly $35 mill and asked you guys for that small loan? Universal beat us to it. We’re not mad, just…you know. But don’t worry about it gang, we know you have bills, too.

Maybe just try harder next time. 😉

Universal (specifically, Universal Music Publishing Group) announced a press release Wednesday, Nov 2 that they are now the absolute exclusive worldwide publishing administrator for everything Prince. Everything. This means everything he’s released and everything in his fabled unreleased “vault,” like Electric Intercourse and Extraloveable, which have only ever been heard live, and who knows what else. A bunch of brand new Prince songs??? Yes, please! At least, the legend goes that there’s a vault of songs; it could be full of funny looking purple jackets and sunglasses–who knows? If we could have bought it, we would know by now *looks at audience*.

If it sounds like we’re mad at you it’s because we’re mad at ourselves.


headphones on, please

In just a few weeks, we’re going to hear his greatest hits album Prince 4ever. Next year, we’re going to hear a remastered Purple Rain. Universal has stated that they will “work closely with the artist’s estate to develop new creative outlets for his music.” This catalog has 35 albums, over 1000 songs, I mean this stuff is like audible gold. We used this Brent Fischer, Prince’s string composer, quote the last time we spoke but I think that “over 70% of the music we’ve worked on for Prince is yet to be released” is just so good to know. These guys are sitting in chairs that appear stationary for now, but get ready to rock folks.

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