Rumors of Live Nation & Lionsgate Touring Docuseries “I’m With the Band”

Word on the street is that Live Nation and Lionsgate are getting together to create a new documentary series entitled “I’m With the Band.” The details are a little unclear as it’s somewhat of a mystery thus far, but to be completely frank, what we do know sounds pretty damn cool.

It’s going to follow an artist or band’s journey getting ready to go and being out on tour. Supposedly the “characters” are going to include performers, managers, promoters, publicists, crew, label execs, even chefs and bodyguards. Remember in Guitar Hero Live how you could see an actual recorded crowd jamming while you played? Imagine that, just with a lot more depth and minus everybody yelling at you when you can’t get the solo right. Go back to playing on Easy, chump.

This can act, of course, as a documentary representing what all it takes to produce a good tour, but also can be a showcase for an interesting band and the team behind them. How cool is that? This could be a big step for a small band you might not have heard of, and what better way to get a look at their true personality than to see them on tour? And keep an eye out too, all you to-be industry folks: this could be some valuable “a day in the life” insight.

As the show develops, more details will be made available and we’ll keep you Antsy Annies updated. Until then, keep rocking.

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