Prince’s Entire Catalogue Now Streamable Everywhere

Since Prince’s passing on nearly a year ago, and since the music industry’s subsequent earthquake, we’ve felt tremors in the ground as his estate and his representatives attempt to untangle his ball of legal and monetary yarn. The pop giant left no will, leaving his estate to make most of the decisions.

In this time we’ve seen administration of his musical rights change hands from Warner Bros to UMG, we saw the estate sue Tidal who previously had exclusive streaming rights of his material, we’ve seen his material ripped away from free sites like YouTube…


But this, ladies and gentlemen, is the moment we’ve all been waiting for

As of February 12, 2017, Prince’s entire catalogue is available for streaming on every major streaming service.

This means Spotify, iTunes, iHeartMedia… Eat your hearts out, folks. It’s live right now. Here at GSLM, we’re listening as this article is being written.

Expect some other big things from the Prince pipeline later this year, also. Projects like a remastered Purple Rain and two entirely new albums full of yet unreleased music are scheduled to be released June 9th! 

Here’s a taste from our pals over at Spotify…


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