John Mayer Releases New Songs Off Upcoming EP, Next Release is Full Album

Good ol’ John Mayer lights up the stage live and warms up hearts at home. He’s an incredible guitarist, his voice carries a kind of emotion that everyone can relate to and feel, and he plays with the legendary Grateful Dead to boot. What more can one artist offer? Well let me just tell you, friend.

The guy released four brand spankin’ new songs a few weeks ago. He’s got a nifty little playlist on Spotify that included his new work like “Love on the Weekend,” which has since shot up all the way to the top of his most popular songs list, as well as his other three new bangers “Moving On and Getting Over,” “Changing,” and “You’re Gonna Live Forever in Me.” All four of the first-wavers are fantastic and you should definitely listen to them if you haven’t.


And guess what, he’s done it again

Four new-new songs were released on Friday and we’re loving em. You can find them in that same playlist, which can be found here as the first four songs available. They’re entitled “Still Feel Like Your Man,” “Emoji of a Wave,” “Helpless,” and “Roll it on Home.” Go and take a listen right now, do it right now.


And guess what, there’s more…

For all you poor folks out there thinking, “Man, I wish I had even more John Mayer than John Mayer is already giving us,” John Mayer has just the thing for you.

The Search for Everything, which is what these pseudo-EP releases are being called, will officially be released as an album with almost twice as many new songs coming along for the ride.

Buckle up, buckaroos.


Mayer also recently announced 32 new US tour dates, along with a whole mess of international stops. Get your tickets and I’ll see you at the show.



For those of you jerks too lazy to click on the link, here’s the playlist on your silver platter.

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