New GSLM Video Series Debut: GSLM Spotlight

Go See Live Music has just released the first installment of a new video series entitled “GSLM Spotlight.”

Spotlight is a series created by Go See Live Music that spotlights artists and their abilities. Logan Torano, Director, attempts to highlight one’s essential musical quality: expression.

We have taken talented musicians away from the stage and asked them to perform something from the very bottom of their heart with the intent of capturing the meaning in their lyricism and the way they express that via performance. These are, as necessitated by their nature, raw, live takes of their work so as not to detract from these values.

This month we met up with Matthew Johnston, a singer/songwriter based in Murfreesboro, TN. He performs for us his original song “Eden’s Gate,” opening a conversation about internal pain and the fear of being stuck outside paradise. “Just one vice – all it takes.”




Spotlight will be a recurring series, so get ready for more! We’re very excited to bring you cool works of passion like this, and can’t wait to give you guys more!

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