Gorillaz Currently Hosting ‘Humanz’ Global Listening Party

Gorillaz are currently hosting a global listening party for their new album Humanz. It will officially release next week on April 28.There are 500 locations around the world to hear the new album, and you must be present and have downloaded the app on your phone.

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The global listening party is live for the next three days (April 21-23). The app will guide fans with directions and distances toward the nearest geolocation of the Spirit House.

According to engadget, “the developers and band added a challenge to finding the final digital jukebox. The directions lead you in the general location of the nearest Spirit House, but you’ll still have to do a bit of sleuthing to discover the exact spot. Fortunately, Gorillaz’s Facebook page has been dropping the longitudes and latitudes of various Spirit Houses to help you along.”

There will also be an installation of Jamie Hewlett’s artwork at Sonos’ NYC flagship store starting April 26. It will include Gorillaz artwork from Helwett’s archive.

Gorillaz have also announced two new performances on April 25, at Rough Trade in Brooklyn and April 27 on Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Damon Albarn, Seye Adelekan, Jesse Hackett, Mike Smith, Karl Vanden Bossche, Gabriel Wallace, Jeff Wooton, and secret guests will be on the show.


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