Coming to You Live from Hangout Fest!

Where were you today? Work? Still in school? Melted into the couch? Wherever you were—it’s probably safe to say you should have been at Hangout Fest with us! If you let life get in the way of 3 days of great music on the beach, well…you’re doing it wrong. Below we’ve laid out the science that drives Go See Live Music; study up kids:

Responsibilities = Bad
Festivals = GoodGSLM

In Day One of the festival, we thought Coin and Weezer really Carpe’d the Diem. Speaking as a Nashville site, it’s always great to see a Nashville band doing well, but we really think these guys could should be huge. Along with one of the cleaner sounds of the day, Coin brought an energy that we’re not sure was matched by any performance the rest of the day! Grab your purse and write the checks—we’re sold.

We like to pride ourselves on seeing lots of shows, so there aren’t a whole lot of bands that I’ve always wanted to see that I haven’t had the chance to. Weezer, however, has always managed to slip through my grasp—until today. Everything I hoped for? Absolutely. They only played a little over an hour, but it was an awesome hour; they played My Name is Jonas, Say It Aint So, Beverly Hills, Buddy Holly, Island in the Sun, Feels Like Summer, Sweater Song and even covered I Took a Pill in Ibiza by Mike Posner.

We can’t wait to get back out there tomorrow, and hopefully we’ll see you there!

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