Hangout Fest Recap: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

We finally got the sand out of our shorts and we’re headed back to Nashville. We caught some waves, soaked up some sun, and scratched some names off of our bucket list—but that’s enough about us, let’s get on to the festival recap!

***In an effort to be as thorough as possible we’ve broken down the festival into a few categories and then we’ll present our final score for the festival***

The Lineup

The Good, the Bad, and the Surprises

The Good: Mumford and Sons, Weezer, andThe Head and the Heart
The Bad: Lil Yachty
The Surprises: LP and Coin

The Good

Obviously, Mumford and Sons was one of the best shows at the festival, but they’re Mumford; thats not news. What is news, is that Mumford debuted a new song called Blind Leading the Blind, and we got the whole thing on video for you! Bam.

Weezer has always been a favorite of ours, and they definitely didn’t disappoint. From My Name is Jonas to Buddy Holly, they rocked the house. If Mumford wasn’t the best show at the festival, it was definitely Weezer.

We’ve seen The Head and the Heart more than a few times, and every time we fall in love with music again. Their 3 albums have really armed them with the tools to play a thoroughly enjoyable, and diverse, set. Songs like Down in the Valley and Rivers and Roads provide time to catch your breath in between the newer upbeat songs like City of Angels. With one of the fullest sounds out there right now, The Head and the Heart is trending straight up!

Don’t forget to check out our video of The Head and the Heart honoring Chris Cornell by covering Temple of the Dog’s song ‘Hunger Strike’

The Bad

We weren’t able to make it to Lil Yachty ourselves, but we heard it floating around the festival that he was the only act that got boo’d while performing. It wouldn’t be fair to sit here and bash the guy—seeing as how we weren’t there—but we didn’t see any shows that we didn’t enjoy, so this is the closest thing to ‘The Bad’ that we’ve got for you as far as the lineup goes. In fact, most of the negatives of the festival aren’t music related at all, so that’s a plus…right?

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The Surprises

Coin is going to be big. They aren’t a brand new group or anything like that, but they were one of two acts that we identified as definitely deserving a bigger stage. There wasn’t a show at Hangout that had better energy and genuine enthusiasm, than Coin. We didn’t want to leave. Expect these guys to be playing the main stage at festivals within a few years.

LP is an amazing singer, songwriter, and whistler. In fact, if there’s an award for world’s best whistler, she should win the sh*t out of it. Maybe a mug that says “World’s Best Whistler” or something. She also doubles as a comedian and philanthropist—throwing her harmonica and case into the crowd after dropping it. We guess she hit somebody with it because she said, “Oh shit. Are you okay Boo Boo? Ah, I owe you a fuckin beer or something; sorry! It was just the first time I dropped [the harmonica] all tour so I figured I might as well give it away.” LP was an absolutel pleasure to watch, and you better believe if she comes to town anytime soon we’ll be there in the front row.

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