Hangout Fest Recap: Vending & Location

We don’t think we waited longer than 2 or 3 minutes in line, so that’s honestly pretty impressive. At $13 a margarita, it’s pretty friggin hard to keep a buzz going; if that’s what you’re shooting for, you best get started before you get in the festival. Other than being slightly on the pricier side, the vending options weren’t significantly better or worse than most festivals we’ve been too.

One last note, several Bud Light vendors had been given megaphones to pander to people to buy beer. Seriously, Bud Light? Seriously, Hangout? That’s not what we want to be hearing at a music festival.


If you are going to go to Hangout, be sure to stay in Gulf Shores if at all possible. If you can’t walk to the festival you’re stuck with a few options: Buy a shuttle pass, try to get a Lyft, or call a taxi. To be honest, these all seem like pretty bad options in hindsight. A shuttle pass will run you $50, but in the event of bad weather, as seen on Saturday night, you’re going to have to wait out in the rain for close to an hour to take the 6 mile ride home. Yuck. On Thursday, some friends of ours took a Lyft from Hangout to their Condo in Orange Beach (again, 6 miles); it cost them $78. For one ride. Taxis provided a pretty varied experience. If you can find a taxi service that isn’t trying to rip you off, save their number in your phone and don’t look back. We rode in some taxis that charged us as low as $5 per person, and some who wanted to charge us $30 for the 11 minute trip. Again, this isn’t Hangout’s responsibly necessarily—but their location may become expensive/inconvenient for you if you don’t stay within walking distance.

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