Taylor Swift Tease Russel Westbrook After NBA MVP Win: I Was the One Who Taught You How to Play Basketball.

Taylor Swift has been very low key as of late. Her legion of fans have very little to work with on all Swift fronts, other than the rumors of her working on new music in Nashville, and sending a lucky fan a congratulations card for their graduation. While we’re hoping for a new record at the end of the year, it’s still just speculation.

On Monday night (June 26), Taylor re-emerged with a new, shorter haircut and a playful message for The NBA’s 2017 MVP, Russel Westbrook.

In the below clip, Swift takes credit for Russell’s accolades on the basketball court.

“Remember? I was the one who taught you how to play basketball. To shoot hoops, ya know? And I remember the first time you beat me at basketball. So essentially we have each other to thank for these careers, obviously.”

“Um, so that’s why I’m part of your congratulations video because we go back, what, 20 years? Actually, we’ve never met, so that’s a fake story, but I wish it were true. You are amazing! You’re the MVP! Sending you the biggest hug ever!”

“And you said…. if you remember correctly… you just have to shake it off.”

Watch the full video below.

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