Our 5 Favorite Front Bottoms Videos

The Front Bottoms stay on repeat in my house. My roommates hate Brian’s voice, but that just makes me like it more. I’ve been a huge Front Bottoms fan for years, and got to see them put on an amazing show at Bonnaroo last month–which got me thinking about going hunting for some cool FB material I had never seen before. Here’s what I found:

1. Brian Shotgunning a Beer at Bonnaroo

2. Them Playing “The Beers” with Kevin Devine

Holy f*ck. Are you kidding me? Man, that’s like a supergroup. This is giving me an idea. Let’s just take Bad Books and The Front Bottoms just throw em into a studio together and see how the album comes out. Can somebody get a petition going on this?

3. Brian and Matt Interviewing Kevin Devine

Brian: “So, were all the lyrics, uh, written before it was time to record [the Bubble Gum album]?”

Kevin: “Yeah, that happens sometimes. It’s like ‘Oh, it’s here. I better follow it before it goes away.”

Matt: *Awkward cheers*

Really cool to see guys who all make such great music getting along so well.



4. This 6 minute mashup by Beth O’Reilly.

So, obviously this isn’t The Front Bottoms themselves but, if you love their music then you have to be impressed by this.

5. Christmas Wrapping with TFB

It’s hilarious how they never seem uncomfortable being uncomfortable.


If we missed any awesome Front Bottoms videos, point them out in the comments section below. Let us know who else you’d like us to find the 5 best videos for?

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