Run The Jewels Break Up on Stage at Forecastle Festival

Last night (July 14), Run the Jewels took the stage at Forecastle Festival, for what would be their last show as a group. Following their tour intro song, Queen‘s “We Are the Champions,”  Killer Mike proclaimed, “If you thought Conner (McGregor) and Floyd (Mayweather) could talk some shit, wait ’til you get a load of this black and white motherfucker.”

This should have been the first sign of bad things to come.

Here’s what happened. Killer Mike proclaimed, “I am proud to be a southerner.” EL-P laughingly chimed in, “Me too.”

Running with the joke, Killer Mike said, “I would like to say that this is is the first night of Jamie Meline (EL-P) being an honorary southerner. We’re going to name him a native of Louisville and procurer of bourbon. He likes his sips.”

Everything is smooth sailing right? Wrong.

Following their joke session, something wasn’t sitting comfortably with EL-P. He proclaimed that the duo were done, and that he had a poem to read. After shouting the audience down, he did just that.

Following mediocre applause, he announced that Run The Jewels were getting back together.

Had you worried? Killer Mike was too.

After hugging EL-P, he wiped his brow and exhaled, “That was the longest five minutes of my life.”

Reunited, Run the Jewels celebrated by performing “Sea Legs.” Check that out below.

On a serious note, Killer Mike spoke out about the recent passing of his mother. This was the first Run The Jewels show since her death.

“I knew no matter how fucked up I felt that day, that he (El-P) was with me, my friends and family were with me…and all of you people were with me.” He continued, “No matter how bad I get, I will always come back to this stage. We will always do it. So tonight, I want to dedicate my first performance since, to my mother, Denice.”

RTJ then blew us away with a rousing performance of “Down.” Check it out below, along with several others from the Forecastle set.

Run The Jewels 4/14/17

Talk To Me
Legend Has It
Call Ticketron
Blockbuster Night, Part 1
Oh My Darling Don’t Cry
Nobody Speak @Cover[efa2c11a-1a35-4b60-bc1b-66d37de88511] Hey Kids
Panther Like a Panther
Stay Gold
Don’t Get Captured
Sea Legs
Close Your Eyes (And Count to Fuck)
Lie, Cheat, Steal
A Report to the Shareholders
Run the Jewels

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