GSLM Spotlight – Brittany Mendez

Go See Live Music’s second installment of Spotlight is here, this time with artist Brittany Mendez. It’s about to get real.

Here’s the deal: in this video series, we ask our artists to reach deep down and show us something real. What does that mean exactly? We’re talking about the heart and soul of art: passion and substance. The pouring out into an original song, and the feeling performance of it is what we capture, and boy do we have a doozie this time.


These are raw live sessions, leaving only the artist to convey their meaning via performance.


This month, Brittany performs for us a never-before heard song very close to her heart. It recalls the loss of her brother and the emotions surrounding that day. We’ll leave the story telling to her – listen below.



Spotlight is a tool for us here at Go See Live Music – it’s not all about talent, although there’s plenty of it. It’s about seeing and appreciating something from someone who’s feeling something genuine. Sing it, you song birds. Sing it loud.

Check out the previous installment of GSLM Spotlight with Matthew Johnston, a man and his guitar, right here at this link, click me.

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