Neil Young Announces NYA Online Archive

Following the release of the acoustic version of his song “Hitchhiker,” which will be a part of the 1976 album release under the same name, Neil Young has announced his latest endeavor. We should note that he never released the album, so several songs have never seen the light of day.

On Friday morning (August 4), Young shared a note to his website detailing a new online archive, which will feature the span of his musical career. The Neil Young Archives is already making waves with its live shows, box sets and remasters.

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Just how much music are we talking? Everything from 1963 forward. It will even feature unreleased works and albums that are currently in production. A bit more digging and fans can find a “Filing Cabinet” packed full of all sorts of Neil Young goodies.

Young also speaks about his Xstream Music service. Picking up where PONO left off, it will bring high quality streaming music. Heck, it walks fans through how to get it delivered the best way possible.



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