Watch: Man Sings Pearl Jam’s “Even Flow” While Being Arrested

In news of the weird, a man who was being arrested decided to offer the officers a song. And lucky for us, it was by Pearl Jam.

The below clip was taken as part of A&E’s Live PD series. The show follows police officers while on-duty as they go through their daily routines.

The man is obviously a huge PJ fan, but also slightly confused. During his rendition of “Even Flow” from the band’s seminal album Ten, he says, (referring to Pearl Jam as one man), “Pearl Jam “[is] the baddest motherfucker alive! He’s my religion.”

He then ask the officers to rip his shirt down the front, you know, to make it more rock and roll.

He continues, “Eddie Vedder, live or die bro – that’s my religion.”

Watch the incident below.


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