Mavis Staples Announces New Album ‘If All I Was Was Black’ with Jeff Tweedy

Mavis Staples has some big news. She and Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy will release a brand new collaborative album titled If All I Was Was BlackThe duo have compiled eleven new, politically charged songs, the title track for which is available for your listening pleasure below.

Mavis Staples talked about the political content of the music:

“You can’t stop me. You can’t break me. I’m too loving. These songs are going to change the world.”

Jeff Tweedy aso spoke about the album:

“I’ve always thought of art as a political statement in and of itself—that it was enough to be on the side of creation and not destruction. But there is something that feels complicit at this moment in time about not facing what is happening in this country head on.”

If All I Was Was Black is slated for release on November 17 via Anti.

Check out the first single below.

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