Nashville Hero and Those Darlins’ Frontwoman Jessi Zazu Dead At 28

It is with the heaviest of hearts that we inform you that Nashville hero Jessi Zazu has passed away at the tender age of 28. The Those Darlins frontwoman succumbed after a long battle with cervical cancer.

The Tennessean breaks the news to a group of fans who not only loved her music, but the woman that gave so much back to her community. She truly was a light to anyone who came into contact with her.

She dies in the company of friends and family, whose numbers created quite the clog at Centennial Hospital in Nashville. Those who knew her would not find this the least bit surprising.

You are loved and you are missed Jessi. Your light will not fade with your passing. This is just the beginning.

As a part of her fight, Zazu created a t-shirt that proudly stated “Ain’t Afraid.” The sales helped generate over $50,000 for her treatment.

When asked about the t-shirts, Zazu responded:

“I don’t know what lays in store, but I ain’t afraid anymore,” Zazu said in a statement announcing her diagnosis. “Yes, I guess I am a mystic mind after all.”



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