Black Pistol Fire Are Here to Cause A Ruckus

Black Pistol Fire recently released their new album Deadbeat Graffiti (September 29) and it is packed full the parts of music that make you move. Some songs pursue more quickly than others, but move none the less. Think Black Keys with a bit more grunge and a touch more swagger. That will get you in the neighborhood.

They are kicking off their 2017 fall tour tonight in Kansas City at The Riot Room and will likely be in a city near you before year’s end. The finale will take place in Nashville at Basement East on December 8.

Recently we caught up with Eric Owen (Drums) for a quick walk though what got him into music. See if you can figure out the pattern.

Owen: When was the last time you went and saw live music?

GSLM: Saturday I believe. It’s a weird month. I’ve only got 21 or 22 shows.

Owen: So you live up to the name.

GSLM: Last year I did 31 festivals and 190 shows on top of that.

Owen: Which festival was the best?

GSLM: My favorite are Bonnaroo and Burning Man. The latter doesn’t really have anything to do with music. (Laughing) You come back saying, “I don’t know if I understand anything about the world.”

Owen: Bonnaroo is definitely the best.

GSLM: I read a book called My First Guitar. It talks about and with several famous musicians, who tell the story of their first instrument. What was yours? Do you still have it?

Owen: Mine would have been a guitar. I don’t know the brand. I think it was an off brand of some kind. It was at my uncle’s house. He was a music teacher. I would have been about twelve. And it was an unstringed guitar sitting in a room that he had a dart board in. I would always ask him about it, and one christmas he strung it up and gave it to me.

I wasn’t very good. I learned to play one song, “About a Girl” by Nirvana. Within a year, me and my friend got into a fight and he stepped on it and broke it. It no longer exist.

GSLM: So a fitting end for the rock and roll world!?!

Owen: It’s ashes are somewhere special I’m sure.

GSLM: Do you remember the first time that you got on stage?

Owen: In our elementary school we would have yearly talent shows on the second to last day of school. I guess I would have been thirteen and we played “In Bloom” by Nirvana. The year before I did a thing where me and two friends lip synched “Smells Like Teen Spirit,”…which was really dumb, I guess. Basically, it was get on stage and do something Nirvana related.

GSLM: (Laughing) It was where you started…

Owen: (Laughing) Yeah. You’re noticing a pattern.

GSLM: It shows how much influence that they had with so little music released. It’s interesting to see where we came from in the live spectrum. I remember seeing BB King through a window of a bar because they would not let me in. My dad held me up. What was your first concert? What was the first that impacted you?

Owen: My first show was Marilyn Manson at twelve years old. It was interesting and crazy. And being in a mosh pit was fun. It definitely wasn’t something where I saw them and thought, “I want to play drums in a band like that.”

The first on that made me want to play…I saw Foo Fighters later that year. I think it was on one of their first tours. At that age, you don’t think it is attainable to get on stage like that.

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GSLM: Trying to think Dave Grohl status is tough. You never think, “Oh, that last album was okay. They’ve let themselves go.” It keeps getting better.

Your music is like a ruckus about to start. It kicks the door down and throws the first punch. My favorite on the new album is “Don’t Ask Why.” Can you talk about where that came from?

Owen: At that point, we wanted a fast, uptempo shuffle. I had that cool riff. We definitely wanted the album to have a balance. We wanted another to get people up and bopping around.

GSLM: (Laughing) It feels like if it were in a soundtrack, it would be during the part where shit goes down.

Owen: (Laughing) Bottles getting broken. Fist are flying.

GSLM: Looking back on your life in music, what is your “I cant’ believe this happened” moment?

Owen: More than anything, it is playing with Kevin (McKeown – guitar). He has been my best friend since I was five. Getting to share stages, and getting to share that with him is special.


Do yourself a favor and go see Black Pistol Fire. The full listing of tour dates and a sampling of their music can be found below.

Black Pistol Fire Tour

The Riot Room
10/10 Kansas City, MO – The Riot Room
10/11 Saint Louis, MO – The Firebird
10/13 Cleveland, OH – Beachland Ballroom & Tavern
10/14 Detroit, MI – The Magic Bag
October 15 Toronto, ON – Lee’s Palace
October 17 Boston, MA – The Sinclair
October 20 Philadelphia, PA – The Foundry at The Fillmore
10/21 Washington, DC – U Street Music Hall
10/22 New York, NY – The Bowery Ballroom
10/24 Raleigh, NC – The Pour House Music Hall
10/25 Atlanta, GA – The Earl
10/27–28 New Orleans, LA – Voodoo Festival
11/16 Santa Ana, CA – Constellation Room
11/18 Los Angelas, CA – Troubadour
11/19 San Diego, CA – Casbah
11/20 San Francisco, CA – Bottom of The Hill
11/23 Vancouver, BC – Biltmore
11/24 Seattle, WA – Barboza
11/25 Portland, OR – Doug Fir Lounge
11/27 Boise, ID – Nerolux
11/28 Jackson Hole, WY – The Pink Garter
11/30 Salt Lake City, UTSalt Lake City, UT – Kilby Court
12/1 Aspen, CO – Belly Up Aspen
12/2 Denver, CO – Globe Hall
12/4 Minneapolis, MN – First Avenue & 7th St Entry
12/5 Madison, WI – High Noon Saloon
12/7 Chicago, IL – Bottom Lounge
12/8 East Nashville, TN – The Basement East
(Picture by Charles Regan)

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