The White Stripes to Reissue First Three Albums on Cassette

Have you ever heard of Cassette Store Day? Nope, us either. But it is a thing. For this year’s CSD, fans of White Stripes will have a chance to acquire their first three albums on that old and bygone platform. At least there is auto-reverse. Before that, things were tough. Yeah, were old.

The three albums, in case you didn’t know, are 1999’s self-titled debut, 2000’s De Stijl, and 2001’s White Blood Cells. None of these were ever released on tape. Well, not until now.

We imagine that these will be instant collector’s items.

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A full list of stores can be found here.

Recently, White Stripes announced Vault Package #34 — The White Stripes Live in Detroit: 1999-2000-2001. Details can be found here.

Other artist will get in on this action. American Football, PhantogramBeach Slang, Pet Symmetry, Julianna Hatfield, Adult Mom, Pentagram, the Bouncing Souls, and Your Old Droog, among others.


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