Matthew Curry Brings His Roadshow to The Basement in Nashville

Matthew Curry has been making music since he was a a child. Over his twenty-one years, he has blossomed into quite the musical talent. He will be performing a full band show at Nashville’s The Basement on Thursday night (October 19). His bluesy sound will remind you of several of your favorites from rock and roll lore. Recently we caught up with him to discuss the upcoming show and what lead him here.

“My first guitar was called a first act. It was a miniature Wal-Mart guitar. Of course, it was right handed, and I am left handed. The first thing I did was flip it upside down. My dad said, “No, play it right handed.” It didn’t feel right to me, so he was cool enough to change the strings upside down for me.”

From those meager beginnings, Curry hit the stage at a very early age. “There was a biker bar down the road from my house. I knew these guys in a band because of a kid that I met in the second grade because on of us was wearing an AC/DC shirt. They got wind that I played guitar and asked me to come play. We played “La Grange” by ZZ Top and “Purple Haze” by Jimi Hendrix. When we got done, people started coming up to me and handing me $20 bills. I didn’t know why. Here I am 10 years old and this biker chick with dasie duke shorts and a twenty dollar bill hanging out of her thong comes up and has me grab it out of there. Oh man, my mom was ready to pounce on this lady.”

Things only moved up from there. Curry began touring and has created a name for himself in the world of music. Relationships formed have helped validate all of the hard work that he has been putting into his career.

“I got to become great friends with Steve Miller. He has been a mentor to me, and helped me through some tough business situations. He really helped me as a song writer as well. He has helped me as a friend too. I still remember meeting him.”

“Our first show was in Winnepeg, Canada in 2014. We get in and he is doing sound check…and he is pissed. I don’t know why, but he is pissed about something. He is getting onto his crew, (Laughing) and I am thinking, ‘this tour might be…’ We played our set, and I am loading up the van, and Steve is standing right behind me. He was like, ‘Oh man, you guys were great!’ And things turned around.”

“I was thinking that this guy might be a grumpy, old man, (laughing) but it was totally the opposite. He is a total sweetheart of a guy. That was the coolest thing, to get to know him. To soak in all of the advice that he has. We’ll stay in touch and I’ll send him some songs. He’ll put his two cents in. It is really special to have someone like that to critique my songs.”

Speaking with Curry, we can’t help but notice his naturally positive outlook. He is warm and welcoming. He makes you feel like you have known him for years and years. And then you hear him play. Get ready, this guy is about to blow you away.

Check out some of his finer moments below. Ticket information for his current run can be found here.

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