Eminem Awarded $415,000 in Copyright Lawsuit by New Zealand’s National Party

In news that is both hilarious and horrible, depending on which side you fall, Eminem has been awarded $415,000 for the use of his song “Lose Yourself.” The conservative party in New Zealand known as the National Party used the chart topping song for their 2014 campaign ad without permission. Finally, after three years, the incredibly talented rapper has been given what is rightfully his.

The argument, which after watching the videos below will be rendered mute, was that they used a piece of music called “Eminem Esque.” Even that should have been enough.

High Court Judge Helen Cull ruled that the National Party had breached copyright. Eminem’s lawyer stated, “We hope that we see more original music in advertising as a result, and that writers get properly acknowledged and rewarded for their hard work.”

Check out the ad and the original below.

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