Paul McCartney Narrates Short Film About ‘Meat Free Monday’ Program

“There’s a simple but significant way to help protect the planet and all its inhabitants. And it starts with just one day a week. One day without eating animal products can have a huge impact in helping maintain that delicate balance that sustains us all.”

Sir Paul McCartney has long been a believer in stopping consumption of all animal products. For a majority of his life, the Beatle has bee an avid yoga enthusiast and vegan. To help raise awareness to the impact of changing one simple part of our week, McCartney has gathered some friends together to talk about the ecological impact on our planet that raising animals has.

The video features Woody HarrelsonEmma Stone, and Mary and Stella McCartney, his daughters. Fans can hear the unreleased McCartney song titled “Botswana,”as the films soundtrack, along with a few other pieces from his long and illustrious career.

One Day At a Time helps show all of the trauma that forced agriculture and stripping of our natural resources has on our home. For for more information, check out Meat Free Monday, and the video below.

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