Eminem Returns with “Walk On Water” (Ft. Beyoncé)

Rap fans are freaking out! Hell, music fans are freaking out. Eminem has returned with a new track titled “Walk on Water.” It filled with his self doubt, punchy delivery, stiff backbone that seems willing to give at a moments notice.

To bring it all home, E has one of the most amazing guest you could hope for, Beyoncé. Her careful drawn words layer into the fabric of his verses, bringing in a clean look at the dirty world. The doubt remains, but the drive has not diminished.

Fingers crossed that this is the beginning of his new album, Revival, which will follow his 2013 release, The Marshall Mather LP II

just shared a new song called “Walk On Water” that features Beyoncé. It is presumably the lead single to his upcoming new album, Revival, his first album since 2013.

Eminem will be the musical guest on Saturday Night Live on November 18.

Check out the new single below.

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