Mereki Releases Delightful New EP ‘Beach’, Shares Her Secret for Songwriting

Over the weekend,Mereki released her pop fueled EP Beach. The follow up to 2015’s Lazy Eye EP sees her tuning up the BPM, along with the content. Talk about spreading your wings. Though only four songs, fans will find it covering a large amount of ground in the most blissful of ways. Ahead of the big day, we caught up with the singer to talk big moves, the new album, and the healing tone.

GSLM: You use your voice very confidently. It is joyful. It is playful. What got you into singing?

Mereki: I always sang. I always hummed. In my driving test, when I was fifteen, I didn’t realize that I was doing it, but I was humming along when I was in the car. In school, I had singing lessons, but was never really interested in performing until I was in university.

GSLM: (Laughing) What were you humming during your driving test?

Mereki: (Laughing) I wish I could remember. I don’t even remember doing it. The guy told my mom afterwards. “She was humming the whole way through the test.” I guess it has always been part of a stress release for me. It’s either one or the other: I am singing either for catharsis or because I am feeling joyful.

GSLM: You have lived all over the world. What made you take your first big step out into the unknown?

Mereki: I moved to the states to pursue music after I graduated university. I fell in with a bunch of songwriters in L.A,, all of whom now are highly acclaimed. It was sort of an insight into an industry that I had no idea about coming from Australia. Australia is much more homegrown.

They had me do a bunch of demos to pitch to artists. That was a great opportunity to flex my singing skills. To sing in a bunch of different genres and see what was the best for me. I feel like the last five years have been a huge exploration of that.

GSLM: On your song “It Will,” you talk about the moon’s impact on us, and talk about the illusion of reality. “If it’s meant to happen then it will. It you’re meant to be mine, then you will.” It’s very freeing. The easiest part of life that we make so complicated. What was going on when you wrote this song? What were you thinking about?

Mereki: This song was the first song that I wrote for the EP. I had just come back from a songwriting camp in Iceland. It had changed my thoughts on my musical direction, and what was going on for me in a bigger picture. It was important to me to spread a positive message. It is my favorite song on the EP. I think it came out really great.

“If it’s meant to happen then it will” is such an overarching part of my fundamental belief system. whenever I get too caught up in what’s going on, or something that I want, then I come back to surrendering to that ideal. Everyday we need to remind ourselves of that.

GSLM: “French Kiss” is like an anthem for high school. Then when’s, what if’s, will they or won’t they? It catches all of the angst of young love.

Mereki: This one is very cutesy and whimsical. We recorded it in the 528 frequency, which is the healing tone. It is about falling in love, but not knowing what is going to happen, or if it is going to work out. (Laughing) And knowing that you can’t do anything about it anyway…It’s a love song.

GSLM: Talk more about the healing frequency. Your way of thinking is becoming more accepted, more common.

Mereki: Isn’t that cool?? I grew up in a pretty alternative family who encouraged openness. To me, it has always been natural. And I agree with you. It dies feel like there is a consciousness shift that is coming about. And with all of the hardship that is going around the world, it’s really timely and really needed. You can’t get down in the negativity. You have to do what you can in that day to use the energy, to raise the consciousness. Any way of helping with that message is what I am aiming for.

GSLM: We just caught JAY-Z in Nashville and he was talking about that. He was telling the audience that he wanted to focus his energy where there was positive energy in the crowd. He also talked about intentions. He told us that if we could just understand this very simple thing, we set our intentions, and they that becomes our reality.

Mereki: I just put on a dinner for Alexandria House, which is my favorite women’s shelter. I was speaking to the founder, who is an amazing woman named Judy who has run the place for twenty years. She was telling me how Kim Kardashian had come to the house and had listened to all of the women’s stories, and that it was going to be on Keeping Up With The Kardashians on Sunday night. Not that I am someone who watches the show, but I was so excited and thrilled to hear that even that end of the spectrum are starting to engage with the things that are important, and the shear volume of people that it will reach. I don’t care if it is a marketing ploy. Kindness is cool again, and a lot of the larger entities are engaging in that. And I don’t care why they are doing that, as long as they are doing it.

GSLM: Yes! Nail on the head. Who cares why.

Mereki: (Laughing) Yes! Who cares why, as long as they are doing it.

Check out the new release and a full list of tour dates below.

Big Gigantic Drop New ‘WINTER CHILL MIX VOL 4’

Beach Tracklisting
1. French Kissing
2. Got It All
3. Friend Again
4. It Will

Mereki Tour
11/9 Seattle – The Crocodile
11/20 Portland – Doug Fir Lounge
11/22 San Francisco – The Chapel
11/27 Solana Beach, CA – Belly Up
11/28 Santa Ana, CA – The Observatory
11/30 Los Angeles – The El Rey

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