Taylor Swift’s New ‘The Swift Life’ App Breeding Arguments From Trump Supporters

After several fans asked the original writer to take the post down, all we have is the pieces below, but they are enough.

Last week, Taylor Swift released her newest brainchild, an app that lets her legions of fans talk to each other, and mostly about the pop singer. There are forums, video footage, exclusive Taylor Swift themed-emojis, you know, the important stuff.

Over the last few days, several pro-Trump (How is this still a thing?) supporters voiced their opinions in favor of the current president. As one might imagine, this did not go over well.

A level 29 ‘Swifite’ known as Britt posted the following, and, well, we will just let you read it.

The Head and The Heart Debut New Song, “Alabama”

“There are people who voted for him or may vote Republican but didn’t vote for him. They may not agree with his beliefs but at least he supports our troops. Sorry, but everyone has a right to vote for whoever they want.”


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