The Ultimate Festival App is Here in FestEvo

A few years ago, we were cooling off in the press area at the first annual Shaky Beats festival. Only a few of us were in the room avoiding the heat of the day. While enjoying the AC, we got to chatting with Tucker Gumber, aka The Festival Guy. It was like we had known each other our whole lives.

Over the weekend, he told us about some of his plans to build an app that would organize everything that we would need to take on a music festival in the most economic and sensible way. Flash forward to December 2018, and it is here.

FestEvo comes from years of hard work, including the attending of 126 festivals in 7 years. Yeah, we know! During his journeys, Tucker noticed lots of good and lots of flawed planning and execution in the festival world and set to make it right.

Tucker explains it best:

“There was a point in my adventures attending music festivals where I realized festivaling is just
as much of an outdoor hobby as my other passions of fishing, golfing, and snowboarding,” says
Gumber. “It brings people together. The more you do it, the better you get at it, the more gear
you add to your collection, the more fun you have doing it. The thing is, unlike other outdoor
activities, there’s never been any established etiquette or education. With many hobbies,
knowledge is passed from veteran-to-newbie, there are books you can read, courses you can
take. There are plenty of brands that support outdoor enthusiasts with products and information:
fisherman have Bass Shop Pro, golfers have GolfSmith, snowboarders have REI. That has
never existed for festivaling. Until now.”

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Intrigued? Yeah, it had us too. FestEvo gives festival goers access to everything that they need in order to do it up right. They even partnered with Priceline to get the best deals for getting you there and getting you home. They have also partnered with festival favorites like SpiritHoods, Grassroots California and JUCY RV rentals.

Tucker even went as far to write a book about all the do’s and don’ts to make your experience the absolute best. It is called  “The FestivalGoers Guide,” a 164-page book “that brings together festival philosophy, etiquette and hacks that Veteran FestivalGoers use to achieve their best festival.”

This is his second book, the first also tackles the hard to navigate world of throwing your very own festival.
2016’s “The Festival Thrower’s Bible,” was done in partnership with Vendini, the company that designed the chips in your wristbands.

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The FestEvo platform also offers FestivalGoers a powerful new way to discover new music. Using the FestEvo Player, users can listen to every artist on a festival lineup, and gives them the opportunity to rank them one after the next, making discovering new favorite artists before heading to a festival easier than ever before. You can also support ride shares, ticket swaps and meetups.

And the icing on the cake comes in the form of the rewards program known as  PROPS. These are earned by booking travel, buying gear, ranking artists, and inviting friends. They can be spent by entering exclusive raffles with amazing prizes like tickets to festivals, experience packages, and gear from preferred vendors or the FestEvo store.

Now that you know, go and get the app. It is all inclusive and only runs $10/year.


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