Clusterfest Announces 2018 Lineup: Lonely Island, Jon Stewart, Amy Schumer, Trevor Noah

Clusterfest has announced their 2018 Lineup: Lonely Island, Jon Stewart, Amy Schumer, Trevor Noah. Is this all comedy? Nope. Other acts of interest include Jim Jeffries, Third Eye Blind, Michael Che, David Cross, Salt-N-Pepa, Maria Bamford, Action Brohnson, and Reggie Watts, to name a few.

To give you a sense of what it will be like when all these people converge on San Francisco this June,  Clusterfest’s own The Lonely Island to bring you our official lineup announcement video. Check it out below.

We know how you feel: Amped up. Excited. Like you have to pee maybe? Whatever you do, snag your 3-day tickets ASAP. Now that the cat’s out of the bag, we could run out of the Price Level 1 tickets at any moment.

And spread the word! Forward this email. Text everyone in your contacts list. Barge in on your roommate and demand that they come with you. This is Clusterfest we’re talking about. You won’t want to yuck it up in San Francisco by yourself.

The full artist announcement can be found below.

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