Flint Eastwood Makes Nashville Dance Away The Winter Blues

Fans of Flint Eastwood have packed inside of the High Watt in Nashville, Tennessee on a cold Thursday evening. The chatter is minimal, but the energy is there. None of us would leave the way we entered.

Lorde once said, “I’m kind of over gettin’ told to throw my hands up in the air.” If she had previously experienced a Flint Eastwood concert, she would have left that part out.

Pushing out raw, positive energy, frontwoman Jax Anderson demanded that we “raise them up,” and so we did. And then she told us to “Shake.” And it felt good. By the time that the beat dropped, the entire audience was “in love with this feeling.”

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Then came the pep talk on hydration. It went well, and I think that we all agreed about the importance. It is paramount.

Knowing that she had a room full of bodies ready to move, she let us use our voices. The call was simple, the response the same. “Alright!” Over and over until we got it right, and the grins stretched wide across our faces. This is no easy feat in Music City. Even the most ardent of fans are known to clam up, but not tonight. Tonight we shined.

This is how music is supposed to feel.

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