rogersstbuttonThe main staple of GSLM Radio: Ethan and Logan go at it every week with the goal of finding good new music, exploring the coolest and scariest ‘what ifs’, and bringing you the biggest news while you recover from your weekend! Click the button to hear the most recent episode!


Here lives Tiddwell and Red, your favorite two fellers bringing you the local Nashville scene. If you’re looking for something original, look no further. Let’s dive into the unheard voices floating on the Nashville breeze.



What is GSLM Radio?

Some people are auditory learners. Some people have a lot of time to burn on the way to work or picking up the kids from school. Some people just don’t like to read. We get that. To accommodate those of you who find yourself in that category, we are introducing GSLM Radio! Now, to clear up any confusion–we will have an “official” station called Rhythm on Rogers St., but we aren’t going to stop there. Even the people that work at GSLM aren’t all music connoisseurs; some of us only like certain types of music, and that’s OK! Instead of cramming it all down your throat, we plan to gradually introduce more and more stations that suit niche music tastes! That way you can find a weekly show that covers news that you are interested in, and hear new music that you would actually like. Pretty. Freakin. Cool.