WTF are points, and why should I care?

Fair questions; let’s start with why you should care.

GSLM gives away tickets, albums, T-Shirts and more–nothing crazy there, but–we are trying something a little bit different when it comes to picking the winners. Just by joining the site you are able to enter our GSLM Giveaways, but the more points you have, the greater your chances can be.

Our giveaways are accessible to you under the “Giveaways” tab; all you have to do is click on the contest you’d like to enter and choose the quantity of entries you want to buy! Need an example? Let’s say the contest you want to enter costs 25 points–you can enter as many times as you like by selecting the quantity of entries; 25 points would be deducted for each entry you purchased.

Okay, Genius–but how do I get these points?
Easy. You get points for doing just about anything on GSLM. Read an article–get points. Join a group–get points. Invite your friends to GSLM–yep, you get points for that too. Here, how about we just give you a chart instead?

View an Article
0 point

Comment on an Article
0 points

Watch a Video
0 Points
Every 30 Seconds

These are just a few examples, there are actually 24 different ways to earn points and most of them have no limit on how many times you can repeat them! Explore GSLM and see if you can find all 24–write us and tell us what they are at and if you’re right, we’ll give you 1,000 points!

Where can I see my point balance?

If you are on the desktop version (and logged in), you can see your balance at the top of the page and the very bottom. If you’re on mobile, then you’ll have to go ‘My GSLM‘ to see your balance.

Is there a way I can make GSLM easier to access?

Uhm, yes. If you’re on an iPhone, click the middle button on the bottom of the browser (it looks like a square with an arrow coming out of it)>Click the button that says Add to Home Screen> and then save GSLM as ‘GSLM’ or whatever you want to call it. Then we will be saved to your home screen just like an app–except we don’t eat up storage on your phone. Who’s the winner? That’s right. You are.